WannaCry Is A Global Attack 

The combination of ransomware and a computer worm has lead to a fast-spreading and debilitating cyberattack.  The worst of the WannaCry attacks may be over, after 200,000 computers were crippled across 150 countries starting last Friday. The attacks have involved a demand of a Bitcoin payment — equal to $300 — in order to unlock computer systems.


“WannaCry reinforces to corporations and individuals how vital everyday mundane security patching and updates are, as well as discarding systems that are end of life,” Robby Hill, CEO of HillSouth, a solution provider.


Accent Consulting provides reliable, secure, and effective support to ensure your safety and your success.  Prevention is high priority and make sure that you are protected before you can be infected.  Accent Consulting has many security steps including but not limited to; user education, back ups, stress testing, and antivirus software.  

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