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For All New Managed IT Services Clients

As a prospective customer, we would like to offer you a $297 Problem Prevention Audit of your computer network for FREE.

During this audit we will do a comprehensive 27-point check of your entire network to look for security loopholes, spyware, viruses, and other problems that can cause your network to run slowly, act funny, crash, and lose data.

At no charge or obligation, we will send a technician onsite to:

  • Scan for hidden spyware, malware, and viruses that MOST anti-virus tools and software can’t detect or won’t remove.
  • Check for critical security updates and patches
  • Review your firewall and security settings
  • Check the integrity of your hard drive
  • Audit your virus definitions and protection
  • Review your backup system

We can also answer any questions you have, diagnose any specific problems you have been experiencing, and even give you a free second opinion on a project you are considering.Accent Consulting provides reliable, secure, and effective support to ensure your safety and your success.  Prevention is the highest priority, we want to make sure your business is protected before you can be infected.  Accent Consulting has many security steps including but not limited to; user education, back ups, stress testing, and antivirus software.  

Offer is only eligible for businesses located within a 50 mile radius of Lafayette and Fort Wayne, IN with 10 or more computers.

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