Accent Consulting Free Cyber Security Audit

Accent Consulting is offering a free cyber security audit for Fort Wayne & Lafayette area businesses.


     The WannaCry cyber-attack of last week was an eye opener for over 300,000 computer users and businesses. The attack took advantage of a hole in the Microsoft Windows operating system, allowing it to spread across networks. Once infected, the WannaCry software encrypted the data, then asked for payment to unlock them. In other words, imagine all your data was locked in a password protected folder, the only way to get the files back is to pay the hackers for the password. Luckily, the WannaCry attack was slowed down before it spread widely in the United States. However, with the massive income potential for hackers, copycat attacks are expected in the coming weeks.
     There is good news though! The hole which these attacks used can be patched with simple updates to your systems. You can also protect yourself by having multiple layers of data backups that can be used to restore files, without having to pay the hackers ransom.
As a service to our friends, and fellow Fort Wayne businesses Accent Consulting is offering a free cyber security audit for the next two weeks. We do not want to see any Fort Wayne area businesses effected by the next round of WannaCry. The Visit will include:


  • Assessment on cyber security risks
  • Review of backup and disaster recovery systems
  • Review of general IT best practices
  • A brief multi-point inspection


     Accent Consulting is looking forward to giving local business the peace of mind when these stories pop back up in the news. If you have any doubt about where your computer systems stand, or even if you just want to be sure that you are safe, give us a call today and get your no charge cyber security audit scheduled.


To schedule your no charge cyber security audit with Accent Consulting, Call us at:

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