October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October – the month when the leaves begin to change, the air becomes crisp, and the world bursts with pumpkin spice flavored – everything.

You may not realize October is also National Cyber Security Awareness Month, a month dedicated to preparedness in keeping your systems safe and data protected.  Although not as much fun as winding your way through a corn maze, it can be just as perplexing of a task.

Prepare for the Unexpected

In 2017 alone, we have seen several mass-scale data breaches, including those of Equifax, FedEx, and Maersk.  We would expect these large companies to have taken the necessary cyber security measures to avoid such risks, right?  Unfortunately, large and small businesses alike fail to follow proper security protocols and continue to fall victim to the ever-changing tactics of cyber attackers, placing consumers and your organization at great risk.

Often, small and medium sized businesses cannot afford an in-house IT department, significantly increasing your risk of lost data, security breaches, unprotected computer networks, etc.  Managed IT services give you the IT support and security your business needs, without the overhead of an in-house department.

HIPAA Compliance is critical for ALL Healthcare organizations

All healthcare organizations are required to protect their patients’ Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) by following HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.  If you’re selected for an audit and found to be non-compliant, you could be issued costly financial penalties.  You can’t afford to be non-compliant, yet more than three out of ten small practices do not have a compliance plan in place.

Additionally, many smaller medical practices don’t have the means to staff an IT department and therefore, are unable to secure data.  Some are simply unaware of the precautions needed to protect their information and to remain compliant with rules and regulations.  It is important that you protect your practice from cyber attacks that threaten us every day.

At Accent Consulting, our techs are trained in HIPAA security awareness and can manage your data, protect your practice, and ultimately, your patients’ private information.  During the month of October, contact us for a free express audit and know exactly where you fall.  

source:  hipaajournal.com/national-cyber-security-awareness-month

Leaf Photo by Chris Lawton

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