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The Data Problem in Security

Posted on 28th May 2019

Article by Julian Waits, DarkReading

CISOs must consider reputation, resiliency, and regulatory impact to establish their organization's guidelines around what data matters most.

Today's CIOs are the stewards of company data, responsible...

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P2P Weakness Exposes Millions of IoT Devices

Posted on 26th May 2019

A map showing the distribution of some 2 million iLinkP2P-enabled devices that are vulnerable to eavesdropping, password theft and possibly remote compromise, according to new research.

Post by Brian Krebs, KrebsonSecurity


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The Internet knows your every move – this is why you should care

Posted on 24th May 2019

Post by Filip Truta, Hot For Security In today’s digital economy, every company wants your data – from things like your email address and credit card number, right down to your deepest desires. And you willingly hand over this data on...

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Ongoing Attack Stealing Credit Cards From Over A Hundred Shopping Sites

Posted on 19th May 2019

Researchers from Chinese cybersecurity firm Qihoo 360's NetLab have revealed details of an ongoing credit card hacking campaign that is currently stealing payment card information of customers visiting more than 105 e-commerce websites.

While monitoring...

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How Not to Acknowledge a Data Breach

Posted on 14th May 2019

Posted by Brian Krebs, KrebsonSecurity I’m not a huge fan of stories about stories, or those that explore the ins and outs of reporting a breach. But occasionally I feel obligated to publish such accounts when companies respond to a breach...

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“Stole $24 Million But Still Can’t Keep a Friend”

Posted on 27th February 2019

Unsettling new claims have emerged about Nicholas Truglia, a 21-year-old Manhattan resident accused of hijacking cell phone accounts to steal tens of millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies from victims. The lurid details, made public in a civil lawsuit filed this...

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Cyber Security Week in Review (Feb. 22)

Posted on 25th February 2019

Welcome to this week's Cyber Security Week in Review, where Cisco Talos runs down all of the news we think you need to know in the security world. For more news delivered to your inbox every week, sign...

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How the U.S. Govt. Shutdown Harmed Security

Posted on 20th February 2019

The partial U.S. federal government shutdown is having a tangible, negative impact on cybercrime investigations, according to interviews with federal law enforcement investigators and a report issued this week by a group representing the interests of FBI agents. Even if...

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Phishing Campaign Leverages Google Translate as Camouflage

Posted on 17th February 2019

Crooks leverage Google Translate service as camouflage on mobile browsers in a phishing campaign aimed at stealing Google account and Facebook credentials.

The security expert Larry Cashdollar, a member of Akamai’s Security Intelligence Response Team (SIRT), discovered that are carrying out...

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773M Password Megabreach is Years Old

Posted on 13th February 2019

My inbox and Twitter messages positively lit up today with people forwarding stories from Wired and other publications about a supposedly new trove of nearly 773 million unique email addresses and 21 million unique passwords that were...

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