Thousands of Disney+ Streaming Accounts Hacked and for Sale on Dark Web

Posted on 20th November 2019

  Disney’s big new streaming service, Disney+, has already been hacked and the personal information of thousands of customers have been stolen and put up for sale by hackers on the dark web. Customer accounts are…

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Malware Coming to a Mac Near You? Yes, Say Security Firms

Posted on 4th August 2019

While the password-cracking Mimikatz took top honors, Mac-targeted malware accounted for two of the 10 most detected malware samples, according to WatchGuard. Article was written by Robert Lemos, Dark Reading.   Malware targeting Apple’s Mac operating…

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3 Security Imperatives And The Evolving Digital Topology

Posted on 30th July 2019

No longer can you secure the perimeter or a centralized core and trust that nothing will get in or out. Effective security depends on an in-depth strategy – from the core to the edge.

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Stopping stalkerware: What needs to change?

Posted on 28th July 2019

What technology makers and others can – and should – do to counter the kind of surveillance that starts at home

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What Every Security Team Should Know About Internet Threats

Posted on 23rd July 2019

Of particular interest for cybercriminals is the Domain Name System, which plays a central role in orchestrating all Internet and application traffic.

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You’d better change your birthday – hackers may know your PIN

Posted on 21st July 2019

Are you in the 26% of people who use one of these PIN codes to unlock their phones?

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Email Threats Continue to Grow as Attackers Evolve, Innovate

Posted on 16th July 2019

Threat actors increasingly using malicious URLs, HTTPS domains, file-sharing sites in email attacks, FireEye says.

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FBI Warns of Dangers in ‘Safe’ Websites

Posted on 14th July 2019

Criminals are using TLS certificates to convince users that fraudulent sites are worthy of their trust.

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Cybersecurity pros think the enemy is winning

Posted on 9th July 2019

Recent research from Malwarebytes, ISSA, and ESG find that security professionals have little confidence in their ability to prevent their organization from being breached. What’s behind this mindset? And how can we turn the tide to stay a step ahead of the criminals?

Security world

Tags: adminsCISOscybercriminalsdata breachesITsecurity professionalsskills shortage

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The Minefield of Corporate Email

Posted on 7th July 2019

Email security challenges CISOs as cybercriminals target corporate inboxes with malware, phishing attempts, and various forms of fraud.

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