Remote Access

Our Remote Access solutions will allow your employees to access their desktops and your network from virtually anywhere in the world. We utilize secure technology and processes to help prevent the exposure or loss of your data, while still giving you the convenience to work on your terms. Whether you are traveling across the city for a sales meeting, or across the country for a conference, Access Consulting can help you make working away from your desk simple and secure.

Application Virtualization

Our Application Virtualization solution will allow you to provide remote access to specific applications without tying up valuable system resources. Users will view these virtualized applications as though they were on their computer, but your company's sensitive data and proprietary information will only be stored in a centralized location. This means that you can provide your customers, employees, and contractors with access to the tools that they need without sacrificing your IT security. In the case of lost or damaged devices, no critical data will be exposed or destroyed.

Desktop Virtualization

By using a cloud-based server solution, an organization can implement virtual desktop infrastructure to improve employee workstation flexibility. Employees can access their desktop from any location without being bound to a single device, while centralizing data and allowing for greater network security. Virtual desktops are also highly scalable, able to grow or shrink alongside your organization with limited hardware investment versus traditional workstations.

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