Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning

(ERP) systems help you manage business data across your workplace. Maintaining your Financial, Human Resource, Marketing, Resource Procurement, Sales, and Service systems can seem daunting. With our cloud and software development expertise you will know that you are managing your business with modern best practices.


We can help you implement efficient asset management from purchase through end-of-life. We will ensure that you have the right software in place to accurately and easily track depreciation and align your budgets with your actual costs. With our mobile application support and desktop virtualization you will be able to access this critical information from any place at any time.

Human Resources

Our IntelliHire platform will streamline and simplify your company's Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring processes. The days of receiving hundreds of unqualified candidates are over, and our IntelliHire Automated Interview System and Applicant Tracking System will allow you to develop a talent pipeline that will set you ahead of your competition.


Determining who you should be prospecting and where your advertising and marketing dollars should be spent are tough questions. With our advanced software development solutions and data analysis capabilities, you will know whether your strategies are effective with real data in real time. You shouldn't have to guess whether a new product or strategy will work; you should have the confidence that Accent Consulting's Marketing ERP will give you.


Sourcing materials at the right price is a challenge many of our customers face. Properly tracking materials once purchased and preventing loss and damage can seem to be a luxury. It shouldn't be. With our ERP solutions you will be able to track and manage your materials and know that you are using your resources as efficiently as possible.


We will help you manage and utilize your leads so that you spend more time working with customers instead of searching for them. We can show you how to integrate social media, database applications, and mobile solutions to provide your sales force with the technological advantages of much larger companies. Our forecasting and analysis techniques will ensure that you are able to plan and review with confidence.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Service Management used to mean lead generation, invoicing, and writing notes down on paper. Today we offer solutions for the modern global market. We can help you use social media and market research to understand how your customers and competition view your products and services. We can help you automate your invoicing so that you can spend more time on sales. Our advanced telephone and customer tracking software will allow you to quickly build customer profiles so that you know whether you have properly marketed to and fully supported your customers. Please view our Customer Relationship Management page for a list of specific CRM solutions Accent Consulting provides.

Our specific Customer Relationship Management tools include:

  • Ticket tracking
  • Time clocking
  • Billing/invoicing integration
  • Reporting
  • QuickBooks
  • Barcoding and inventory management
  • File replication verification
  • Video technologies (capture, playback, encoding, distribution)
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