Wireless Office Networking

Wireless networking technologies can greatly improve your employee’s productivity, allowing users to collaborate and share files without needing to be tied to a tethered workstation. Wireless networks require less hardware investment, set-up, and maintenance.

One of the primary benefits of going wireless is that the costs to update and maintain your system dramatically decrease. As your workforce changes you will be able to scale quickly without having to worry about moving infrastructure in our out of new locations.

Multi-site Networking

Accent Consulting specializes in setting up wireless systems that connect users across multiple office locations. Whether your business has multiple branch locations or needs the flexibility of telecommuting, our networking solutions can make your programs and files available from nearly any location and on any device.

Building-to-Building Networking

If your company has multiple buildings, is adding a new location, or is using a temporary building during a fast scale-up, our building-to-building networking solution is a great way to decrease costs and delays. We can help you avoid the costs and trouble of digging trenches, laying cable, and modifying buildings. Our building-to-building installations are a quick way to increase your IT capabilities as your business grows.

Branch Office Networking

If your business has multiple facilities spread out over Indiana or the country, Accent Consulting can design a single network solution. Your employees will be able to work together seamlessly and securely from any location. Files and databases are automatically replicated between your sites, and you will be able to implement and control the usage of your IT assets from your home office. With Accent Consulting’s Branch Office Networking solution your company will have all of the benefits of a single network with the freedom to work on your terms.

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